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Digital process operations Using digital process twin technology to drive Operational Excellence.

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Digital process twins The digital process twins use the combination of prior knowledge in the predictive process model and the up-to-date information in the plant data to generate valuable new information: A typical application is shown below: a long-term health monitoring application determines the values of key parameters subject to drift over the operation of the plant — for example, catalyst activation state in a catalytic reactor, or amount of coking in a furnace coil — using the predictive plant model combined with current and historic plant data.

It is also used to update a predictive master model that can then be used in digital process twins for many other applications: Run-length prediction , to determine the expected end-of-run date under different operational scenarios.

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This can be used to improve maintenance scheduling, or to determine the most profitable operation mode for the remainder of the run. This provides valuable information for real-time monitoring of operation, or use in enhanced process control. Operations decision support tools , for what-if analysis of steady-state and dynamic operating scenarios.

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This allows operators to visualise and understand the consequences of their decisions. Real-time optimisation , to determine set points for economically optimal operation taking account of plant constraints.

This makes it possible to maximise the economic performance of the plant from hour to hour, and react rapidly to disturbances and upsets. Benefits Typical benefits of such applications include: Better operations through enhanced, up-to-the-minute decision support information Improved maintenance scheduling through run length prediction Improved economics from real-time optimisation Improved asset integrity from better health monitoring.

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After all, creating a unique item, such as an interstate highway bridge, is wildly different from producing a million bottles of contact-lens solution or thousands of socks in two different colors. Here are common process classifications, arranged according to fixed costs lowest to highest :.

Projects: These generally result in an output of one. Examples include constructing a building or catering a party.

Process Operations and Data Centers

Although the result of a project is one deliverable, the process of creating the item can be duplicated with modifications for other projects. Job shops: This type of process produces small batches of many different products. Each batch is usually customized to a specific customer order, and each product may require different steps and processing times. Examples of job shop products include a bakery that specializes in baking and decorating wedding cakes, each one customized for a bride, or a programmer that creates customized websites for his clients.

Batch shops: These produce periodic batches of the same product. Batch shops can produce different products, but typically all the products they produce follow the same process flow. A facility producing shirts of different sizes and colors or a bakery preparing different flavors of cakes or types of cookies are examples of batch shops.

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These processes make one type of shirt or cookie in a batch and then switch to a different type, but all types follow the same flow. Batch shops usually require some setup time — time required to prepare resources to produce a different type of product. Flow lines: This type of process consists of essentially independent stations that produce the same or very similar parts.

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