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A cinema called the Nickleodeon opened in Pittsburgh in , and by there were 4, such places in the United States. Something resembling an industry developed in France, Italy, England, and Germany too, and audiences grew and grew across the world. Studios were born. Hollywood itself, a small Californian town surrounded by orange groves, became a movie settlement because of its steady weather and because California was thought to be far enough away from the lawsuits that rained down on experimenters and investors in New York.

Something like the contours of later patterns of film-making began to form. Stars began to glitter.

The Film Foundation

And above all, money began to gleam. A whole support system blossomed: publicity machinery, fan magazines, prizes, record-kepping. Box-office results became the equivalent of sporting scores, or world championship boxing. Avatar is the largest grossing picture ever made, unless we adjust for inflation, in which case the title goes to Gone with the Wind , and Avatar moves to fourteenth place.

The American Academy of Moton Pictures awarded its first Oscars in , and has awarded them every year since.

Poland's Cold War tops European Film Awards

Programmes developed from sets of short films to single feature films plus supporting entries; and from there to the two film diet that was standard fare for so long. By , 90 million cinema tickets were sold each week in America, with figures proportionally similar elsewhere. There were ups and downs during the Depression and the Second World War, but the figure had reached one hundred million by By , however, the number was down to 46 million, not a whole lot more than the 40 million or so of Movie-houses, of which a little more later, rose and fell, naturally enough, to the same rhythm: there were 20, in America in and 11, in Programmes often changed midweek, and shows were continuous, so you could come in at the middle of a film and stay till you got the middle again.

There is a remarkable piece by the humorist Robert Benchley about a game he liked to play. Arriving, say, twenty minutes into a film, he would give himself five minutes to reconstruct the plot so far.

Art and industry in film

Then he would interpret everything that followed in the light of his reconstruction. Richter's beginnings up until his artistic breakthrough are therefore portrayed in Never Look Away through Kurt Barnert's minute story. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck explained that he decided on a fictionalized version of the artist's story as he wanted to feel free in the depiction of the characters; he didn't want to make it a documentary. Still the parallels between the fictional character and Richter's life are obvious. Further characters reflect real life.

Von Donnersmarck has directed an epic work on German history, but the film also has its weaknesses.

World of Art

While the film has a lot to tell over three hours, it feels too crammed for its own good. Another disturbing aspect is the "clean" art direction of many scenes that has come to characterize many historical German films and TV movies. Instead of transmitting authenticity, the film's studio production is in the foreground. The actors are fantastic. Tom Schilling in the lead role offers a particularly convincing performance, combining sensitivity, quiet anger and melancholy. Pawel Pawlikowski's film about a long-running love story in Soviet-era Poland won best film and best actress.

Western Art and Art History

The win bolsters the reputation of streaming company Netflix as a major platform for art house cinema. A total of 21 movies were competing to win the top prize. It's the influential artist's inaugural exhibition in Australia: A major retrospective of the work of the world's most expensive living painter, Gerhard Richter, opens in Brisbane. The exhibition Gerhard Richter: Abstraction, held at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, focuses on works by the renowned German painter which reveal his abstract strategies and techniques. The exhibition at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam features some works by the famous German artist that have never been publically displayed.

The show focuses on one of the celebrated artist's key themes: abstraction. Up for two Oscars, the film Never Look Away is officially about an artist of another name, but the German painter feels it's still too close to his life story and that it "grossly distorts" it, he told The New Yorker.

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    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art) History of Film (World of Art)
    History of Film (World of Art)

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