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What is WatchKit?

The third option enables you to lock the Apple Watch. Double click the digital crown: Double clicking the digital crown will take you directly to the last used app on the Apple Watch. Double clicking again will take you back to the watch face screen. Cover the watch with your palm: Placing your palm over the Apple Watch to cover it completely silences all kinds of notifications, including calls and messages. This is an easy way for you to mute calls and notifications when you are busy in a meeting.

These are just some of the useful ways in which you can interact with your Apple Watch — we hope it helps you to get to grips with your new device! Listed below are a few apps that have been announced and adapted for the Apple Watch in the past few months. Clear Clear app for the iPhone was one of the simplest ways for users to create and manage lists and easily interact with them.

They have worked to bring this same functionality to the Apple Watch, enabling users to quickly look at lists and interact with them while on the move.

Useful Tips, Tricks, and Walkthroughs for New Apple Watch Series 4 Owners

Gaia GPS Gaia GPS is a mobile app that enables users to access offline maps in locations where there is no connectivity, ideal for adventure activities such as hiking, trekking, cycling and off-road driving. With activities that encourage you to disconnect from the bounds of technology and experience nature, this app fits perfectly with the Apple Watch; users can stow their iPhone away in their backpack and go handsfree into nature, whilst using maps on their watch to ensure they do not get lost.

Wdgts Wdgts Apple Watch app enables you to quickly perform simple calculations and currency conversions on your watch. It also allows you to view different time zones and basic stats of your iPhone.

Camera Plus Camera Plus Apple Watch app enables you to remotely sync with your iPhone from a short distance and control the camera functionality, using it as a remote to take pictures and capture videos. It also displays timers and a live preview of the image being captured. The app also lets you track your cab, displaying basic information about your driver and cab without needing to use your iPhone. Things Things Apple Watch app enables you to view and interact with the list of items that you have created without having to pull out your iPhone.

It enables users to quickly alert their friends and family in the event of a seizure, without having to fumble for their iPhone in these critical moments. Slack Users of this leading business communication service can load the app on their Apple Watch, to quickly look at and reply to conversations happening in their organisation. It enables you to find nearby Starbucks, and can direct you to the nearest location. It also allows you to keep track of your balance and access your Starbucks Rewards section.

You can now open the Shazam app on your Apple Watch and quickly identify it. The app also lets you read through the lyrics of the song on the Apple Watch itself. All data is transferred to the iPhone app following a workout so you can see more detail. Streaks Workout app is excellent, offering 30 equipment-free exercises to choose from and four different workout lengths comprising six minutes, 12 minutes, 18 minutes or 30 minutes. The Apple Watch will display your heart rate on the display, alongside the exercise, time and your progress.

What does the Apple Watch do?

Super simple to use, but expect some serious pain. The Gymaholic Workout Tracker uses AR to create an avatar, which you can then change to represent your gender, height and body fat percentage. After a workout, the avatar will show all the muscles you trained and it will also show which muscles are ready for training too. During a workout, you'll see various stats, including reps, weight, heart rate and calories, alongside your avatar. It's great. MapMyRun is another good Apple Watch app for those into fitness. It allows you to start a running, cycling or walking workout without touching your iPhone.

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During the workout, you will be able to see duration, distance and calories burned, as well as pause, finish, save or discard the workout. The information is then visible in the MapMyRun iPhone app. Runtastic allows you to track various activities from running to biking, see a brief history of your previous workouts and monitor your stats from your wrist. The app will track workouts in real time with built-in GPS and during a workout, it will display time, distance, pace and heart rate.

It is also possible to manage tracking settings directly from your Apple Watch. For those that use the Withings ecosystem, the Withings Apple Watch app is good for providing quick stats in a simple format. If you have a Withings activity and sleep tracker, as well as one of its smart scales, the Apple Watch app will show you steps and distance, sleep recorded and weight recorded. You can also see your activity and weight history without opening the app on your phone.

Seven is another workout app and the Apple Watch version is lovely and simple. You can pretty much do everything on your wrist as you can on your phone. The Apple Watch app allows you to select which seven-minute workout you want to do, whether that's full body, upper body, core, lower body or random, depending on which workouts you've bought or unlocked, and then you can just hit start.

Apple Watch 2 - 20 Things You Didn't Know!

A picture of the exercise you need to perform appears on the watch face, surrounded by a countdown circle. Hole19 is the Apple Watch app for golfers. You'll to start a round on your iPhone after which the Watch will take the information and deliver it to you when you need it, such as distances and the par of the hole. The app also allows you to enter strokes and putts via your wrist, which it then puts into a score card so you can see how you're doing nice and easily. Autosleep does exactly what it says on the tin - it automatically tracks your sleep if you wear your Apple Watch to bed.

You don't need to press a single button. Wear your Apple Watch to sleep and you'll get a notification in the morning detailing how well you've slept, including quality, average heart rate and deep sleep. The app will also show your seven-day average. One Drop is a great app for those with diabetes.

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It enables you to log glucose, meds, food and activity directly from your wrist, as well as view daily goals progress and glucose in range. You can also schedule medication reminders and there is automatic carb counting too. No list of apps would be complete without a couple of games and Trivia Crack is one of our favourites. It's a very basic version of Trivial Pursuit but if you're any good at general knowledge, it's a great app to try.

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You compete with an online opponent and choose from six categories of questions. Answers are multiple choice, which you select on your wrist and you don't even need to get your iPhone out to start a game. Brainess is all about stimulating your brain and it offers seven brain training games that you can play on your Apple Watch. The seven games are said to improve and exercise your memory, vision and compute skills. Whether they will or not is a different story altogether but worth a try right. Rules is a puzzle game with super cute little animations.

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There are different levels, comprising beginner, expert or timeless and the game includes a daily brain workout mini-game for the Apple Watch. Lifeline 2 is the successor to the original Lifeline, offering a new story of a young woman called Arika who is on a deadly quest to avenge her parents and rescue her long-lost brother. You will have to make choices to keep her alive and help her succeed. Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch will alert you to in game events so you don't need to have your iPhone out all the time. For example, you'll know when an egg is hatching, you'll be able to see PokeStop's immediately and you'll know what Pokemon has appeared directly from your wrist.

Wallet is one of Apple's own apps so you'd expect it to be good on the Apple Watch and it is. Like the iPhone version, it provides easy access to boarding passes, tickets and cards you've registered to Apple Pay. Having your boarding pass and tickets on your wrist means you don't have to mess about getting your phone out, which is always good when travelling and you can also pay using your wrist.

There are plenty of apps trying to help you stay on top of your finances but we've taken a liking to the Pennies Apple Watch app, which lets you quickly tap in how much you've spent of a given budget target straight on your wrist. It means you can then track how much you've got left, whether that's keeping an eye on your weekly food bill, or as we would like to imagine, your champagne bar bill. The Philips Hue app is a simple remote control that lets you have a number of lighting presets that you can then control directly from your watch. You don't even need to pick up your iPhone to turn the lights on now, let alone move from the sofa.

Apple Watch for Beginners Apple Watch for Beginners
Apple Watch for Beginners Apple Watch for Beginners
Apple Watch for Beginners Apple Watch for Beginners
Apple Watch for Beginners Apple Watch for Beginners
Apple Watch for Beginners Apple Watch for Beginners
Apple Watch for Beginners Apple Watch for Beginners

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